Permissionless leverage and hedging


BCH BULL is a unique web application that allows users, "Bulls", to take long positions with leverage, or hedge, with Bitcoin Cash against a number of other metals, fiat and crypto assets, all done entirely using smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The application is exceptional as it is one of the few decentralized and non-custodial applications in operation on a layer 1 UTXO blockchain, thus placing it at the forefront of a new frontier in cryptocurrency technology.

BCH BULL utilises AnyHedge, a permissionless, non-custodial, and on-chain protocol created by General Protocols.

Anyhedge protocol

BCHBULL Features

A new UTXO frontier

Permissionless contracts

Contracts are created by two consenting parties utlising their Bitcoin Cash, with no permissions needed.

Up to 5x Leverage

Through the power of AnyHedge, BCH Bull allows speculators to secure upto 5x leverage on their chosen contract positions.

Multiple assets

BCH Bull allows contract creation using BCH against a number of assets, with more assets being added as the application develops.

No counterparty risk

The BCH Bull web application does not hold any funds, nor holds any personal information. The application merely facilitates contract creation between two parties, with no counterparty risk.

On chain

All contract data is on the BCH blockchain, and individual contract creators can easily review their position on-chain.

Community support

BCH Bull is proudly supported by the community, with technical expertise and software upgrades from General Protocols.